Currently showing in Orlando, Florida, right across from Florida Mall, Luzia is a Cirque Du Soleil show you won’t want to miss!

My wife had long been wanting to see Cirque Du Soleil, but since they stopped shows at Disney Springs we had all but given up hope. That is until I came across a website showing they were back in Florida.

Inside the Cirque Du Soleil Luzia big top.

I had never been to a Cirque Du Soleil show before, but knew that it was a circus based on aerobatics and had definitely heard from others how good the shows are.

Luzia is a show with a Mexican flavor and is in it’s final weeks of performances in Orlando.

Once seated inside the big top the pre show starts with musicians playing and two performers dressed as birds moving from the stage to the crowd and back again.

Let The Show Begin

The lights go down. Via a loud speaker a pilot welcomes us onboard a flight to Mexico, we are going to be parachuting out shortly. The first thing you see is a man in free fall. He struggles to make his chute deploy so he discards the bag. He opens a tiny umbrella which helps him glide to the ground Mary Poppins style, landing in a field of flowers. He is followed shortly after by a thud as his bag hits the ground.

Soon, there is a festival of sound and color as a Monarch Butterfly with giant wings graces the stage along with a horse, and then acrobatic birds as the flowers are removed.

The bird characters dive and leap through the hoops combining dance, acrobatics and other feats of flexibility and strength. That’s really what Cirque Du Soleil is all about. Amazement at the ability to get the human body to do things one normally couldn’t (at least definitely not me)!

Trapeze & Cyr Wheel

This is followed by a girl on a trapeze. Below her two other women spin inside giant hoola hoops (Cyr wheel), without their feet touching the ground. And if that wasn’t incredible enough, half way through the act a giant waterfall starts raining down from the ceiling of the big top. It’s one thing to perform from a trapeze. It takes a whole lot more skill to perform when you are soaking wet in the middle of a waterfall!

After a quick mop up of the floor, it’s time for the Adagio act. In a Cabaret setting, three strong men support a female flyer. How she isn’t lying on the floor with dizziness is astounding let alone how she ends up balancing!

From there it’s time for a romantic date, and what better way to woo that date than with a tightrope? The tightrope artist displays his skill balancing. At times his arms are full but he maintains his balance.

They wrap up with some impressive ball skills before half time.

After intermission we continue the wild ride through nature with more waterfalls, a pond and an encounter with a tiger.

The man with a tiger and a pond.

From the beauty of nature to the party scene of the grand finale, Luzia draws you in to a place of beauty, joy and laughter that will leave you on a high for days!

Luzia - will she make it?

There are a number of things that make Cirque Du Soleil – Luzia so powerfully fun and enjoyable (other than the stunts and acrobatics of course):


The costumes are creatively colorful, intriguing, and change through the journey of Luzia. Whether it’s the bright colors of the birds with their wings, the beetles played by one man folding himself in half, the metallic horse, the cactus or the adornments of the band, there is never a dull outfit!


The stage and really the entire big top is impressive for a temporary fixture. Not only having the ability to raise and lower people from the ceiling, but to produce a waterfall that drains into the stage is impressive and unexpected.

On top of that there is a pond that appears and disappears mid stage, and the entire stage rotates!


I’m not someone who has rhythm but the music of Luzia had me clapping and stamping my feet. My wife and I both commented how we would love the soundtrack!


Lastly and probably most profoundly was the ability of Luzia to draw you in. It really made you feel as though you are part of this community.


By the end you are clapping, you are cheering as the performers soar through the air. You are having fun! But then you begin to feel sad as it is all coming to an end.

Cirque Du Soleil Luzia finale

Can’t we stay here? Can’t we continue this fun? Luzia will leave you wanting more of a good thing!

Cirque Du Soleil Luzia will be showing in Orlando, Fl until April 21. The show will then move to NYC, NY then Hartford, CT over the US Summer.

Have you been to a Cirque Du Soleil show? What was your experience?