Melbourne is Australia’s second largest city (not to be confused with Melbourne, Florida). It is a cultural hub for live performances, sport and the annual comedy festival.

In the Summer months, the city thrives with a buzz of activity.

Here are some reasons why Summer is a perfect time to visit Melbourne:

Summer Sports ?

Melbourne is dubbed the sporting capital of the world. If you walk around the city it is easy to see why, there are plenty of large sporting grounds. Summer is the prime season for Cricket. Boxing Day (the day after Christmas) marks the start of the Boxing Day Test – a five day event held at the MCG which has a capacity for over 100,000 people. There are also smaller, shorter, matches that go for one day or less. Watching a cricket game is definitely a great way to get experience Melbourne.

Another great sporting event that has the world looking to Melbourne over Summer is the Australian Open. Tennis stars from all over the world come into town for this two week event that starts in mid January.

Tennis at The Australian Open
Tennis at The Australian Open by Brendan Dennis [CC BY-SA (]

Whether you get a pass to the main arena, make it to the outer courts or just watch the game on the big screen at Federation Square, you’re sure to get caught up in the excitement of it all.

Summertime is Beachtime ?

As with most Aussie cities, it’s all about the beach. There are plenty in and around Melbourne to enjoy during the Summer months. To the West, down past Geelong you have places like Torquay which are surrounded by great surf beaches.

Hampton Beach near Melbourne
Hampton Beach near Melbourne

Closer to the city you have beaches inside the bay like St Kilda. The waves aren’t as big here but it’s a great place to soak up the Sun or cool down in the water. 

Shopping, Shopping and More Shopping ?

Melbourne is a shopping hub. From Melbourne Central to Bourke Street Mall and across to QV  you’re going to find a shoppers paradise. When it gets hot outside you can enjoy the air conditioning inside Myers or David Jones. Before Christmas, make sure you check out the Myer Windows in Bourke street. Then, Immediately following Christmas you’ll also find that many of these stores have specials for Boxing Day. 

If outdoor shopping is more your thing, then you’ll want to check out the Summer Night Market on Wednesdays from 5-10pm at Queen Victoria Market North of the city. There’s lots of food options, entertainment and of course, shopping stalls with a wide variety of clothing, art and other odds and ends.

Entertainment ?

If you like the entertainment factor then there is plenty on offer in Melbourne during Summer. 

That’s just a taste of what you’ll find happening in Melbourne this Summer. For more details check out Visit Melbourne.