Travelng home from Colorado Springs with American Airlines, our flight was cancelled. A drive to Denver, a night in a hotel and another delay later we decided to cancel our flight and switch to Delta. Delta Air Lines is a major US carrier, with its headquarters based in Atlanta, GA.

We booked the first leg in business class. This was our experience.

At Your Seat

A mini bottle of water, blanket, headphones and pillow were waiting for me when I arrived at my seat.

Delta first class Headphones

A pre take off beverage was offered while the remaining passengers are boarding.

Compared to economy, there is plenty of leg room, wider seats and your tray table is in the arm rest.

In economy seating on Delta you’ll usually get a drink and a cookie or some pretzels, but in first class you’ll be treated to a full meal. This was an early flight so I got a breakfast sandwich with fruit and blueberry Chobani yoghurt. I wouldn’t say the meals are on the level of international business class, but they are pretty decent. 

Unfortunately we booked this flight last minute so we were only first class from Denver to Atlanta, but then stuck in middle economy seats from Atlanta to West Palm Beach. Nevertheless, they still checked our luggage priority all the way and we received priority boarding for the second flight.


Regardless of which class you are sitting in, Delta’s entertainment system is pretty much the same, with a slightly bigger screen in first class. If there are no screens on the aircraft, you can watch free movies on your electronic devices if you have the correct entertainment app installed.

Delta entertainment
Delta entertainment.

You also get free luggage compared to paying $30 a piece when traveling economy.

Summing Up

In terms of business class, I’d say Delta or any other domestic US airline doesn’t match overseas carriers, but it is certainly a much welcome alternative to economy if you can find an affordable upgrade. I’d only recommend it on longer flights. That said, when I’ve had a lot of luggage it has made economic sense to get business class.

What’s your favourite airline to fly business class?