I got to ride the new Disney Skyliner gondola this week at Walt Disney World ahead of its opening on September 29.

Skyliner links together Epcot, Hollywood Studios, and the following Disney resorts:

  • Caribbean Beach Resort
  • Art of Animation Resort
  • Pop Century Resort
  • Riviera Resort

We parked near Caribbean Beach Resort. This is the main stop where all six routes intersect – three coming in and three going out.

Disney Skyliner Station

It feels like a railway station, but instead you are flying in the air, so it’s even more awesome. 

Joffrey's Coffee

You may be a little peckish or parched before you ride Skyliner, so I suggest grabbing a snack or beverage at Joffrey’s Coffee, opposite the station.

The Skyliner Gondolas

The Disney gondolas are really big. They are much bigger than the Sky ride at Busch Gardens. You could easily fit up to 5 people on each side. Some gondolas have a theme with characters printed on the side – the print goes over the glass. If you want a really clear view, then I suggest getting a gondola without any characters on it.

The gondolas are not air-conditioned, but designed really well, so that air flows through them. It is very relaxing and you feel cool while Skyliner is moving – although you’ll get hot if they are stopped for a long time.

The Best Skyliner Routes

My favourite ride is going to Pop Century resort – it is a short ride from the main station but the most scenic as you fly over a lake.

I also liked Epcot as it is the longest route – it takes about 12 minutes, but you can stop on the way and get off at Riviera Beach Resort. Be aware that there is a sharp turn on this route – nothing too crazy but just a bit abrupt.

Skyliner Sign at Hollywood Studios

The Gondolas for each park are themed accordingly – for example, Hollywood Studios, they are retro 50’s theme.

The mechanics of it is all very cool. If they need to stop a gondola for any reason, they are able to pull it off to the side without having to shut down the whole ride.

Having taken the bus and driven our own car, this is my favourite method of Disney transportation. If you don’t have to pay for parking (as much as at the park), you don’t have to deal with traffic, and it drops you off at primo locations. For example, at Epcot, it drops you right off next to France, oui oui! So you don’t have to deal with the crowds at the gate.

When will you be riding Skyliner?