How the ordering process for a Tesla differs from other car brands

We recently ordered our Tesla Model Y on a lease plan and the process was very different from what you might expect when ordering a car from other major brands.

You Order Online

The order is placed via the Tesla website. It almost felt a bit like ordering something from Apple’s website. You pick the model, the customise the colours, interior and the variant and then put down a $400AUD deposit. I found it so much simpler than trying to understand the 10 different variants of a model that some car brands offer.

No Excessive Wait Time

I had previously placed an order for a Rav 4 but cancelled it after six months when Toyota still couldn’t tell me if I was any closer to receiving my order… and the price had gone up.

When I ordered my Tesla, it gave me a delivery window at the checkout so I roughly new when the car was going to come. During that period of waiting they also passed on to me any additional price decreases that occurred during my wait period. They also made it super easy for me to switch to a vehicle that was in inventory so I didn’t have to wait as long.

No Pushy Salesmen or Sales Process

If you’ve been to a regular car dealership lately, you probably know how hard it is just to do a test drive without wasting a bunch of time. You meet the sales rep, they take you for the test drive and take you through all the features on a predefined route then they present you with the price which you’ll most likely have to haggle, and if you don’t want to put a deposit down you have to wait to be introduced to their manager when they explain why you aren’t purchasing today.

Compare that to Tesla. You book in the test drive online. They give you a call the day before and introduce themselves. You arrive on the day and they show you how the vehicle works, and don’t even need to ride with you if you just want to go for a spin by yourself (though I opted for my rep to come with me as I had no idea what I was doing (yes I kept changing changing gears instead of indicating). Afterward the rep answers any questions you might have then leaves you to order online when you feel comfortable. I definitely preferred this process and can’t wait for other dealerships to do away with the archaic sales routine.

Communication When Ordering A Tesla

Communication with Tesla was pretty good. I had a point of contact from my test drive and he was the same person there to help me on delivery day. I was able to speak to him and some of the other reps over the phone on a number of occasions during my waiting period. While trying to get them on the phone was hard because they were busy, I could text and get any answers I needed. 

Compare this with Toyota who didn’t call me for 6 months – I had to go to the dealership to find out what was going on.

Using a Referral Link Will Save You Money

Tesla has embraced Word of Mouth and the age of the influencer by giving every customer the ability to earn points by sharing their referral link. I ordered my vehicle through a referral link which gave me a $750 discount on the purchase price and three months use of enhanced autopilot. I’ll leave my referral link at the bottom of this article if you are about to order and need one.

It Was Easy To Change My Order

As I mentioned earlier, I had been keeping an eye on the inventory in stock and saw another vehicle show as available. These inventory vehicles are usually due to someone else changing their order. For me, it meant I could get into a new car sooner and actually get a nicer colour with the fancy induction wheels.

Delivery Day is Super Simple

Prior to delivery day, you receive a text asking you to schedule your appointment and ensure payment is finalised. I had installed the Tesla App on my phone pretty much as soon as I ordered, but you’ll definitely need this on delivery day as it becomes your key. 

Our rep showed us the car, set up our profiles then gave us a rundown on the features and took a photo for us. I had planned to do the full delivery day checklist that you can find online but was so bedazzled that I forgot it all.

That’s pretty much it. There was no Champagne or fancy Giant Bow on the car but I think Tesla lets the car speak for itself.

I actually really enjoyed the process and was happy to give up the free refreshments for the sake of not having to sit through another sales process!

What was your order experience like?

If you are looking to place an order for a Tesla, feel free to use my referral link to save some money and get access to other neat features.