I had the pleasure of some Delta points to use up before Luke and I left for the magical land of Oz.

I only paid 11 dollars (plus points) for a flight from West Palm Beach, Florida to Spokane, Washington. Not bad eh?

Because it was a cheap flight, it was in the Delta Main Cabin – called economy with most other airlines. It was in the back of the bus you could say. 

West Palm Beach To Atlanta

The first leg, from West Palm Beach (PBI) to Atlanta (ATL) it was an easy flight. Easy in and easy out. I checked in on the Delta app which was mega convenient. At the gate, I checked my carry on bag because I got to board main cabin 1 instead of main cabin 2 (I didn’t know there was a difference, but there is). Checking in my carry on made it quicker to move and more convenient overall. 

Atlanta Airport

When I arrived in Atlanta I was at Terminal A and my departing flight was from Terminal E. The Atlanta airport is massive, but there is a skytrain that takes you between the terminals. I always get a little disoriented at this, but the airport is pretty easy to navigate. My departing plane was late deboarding people so we were delayed boarding an hour. 

I decided to charge my phone and use up my free chips and salsa in Chili’s. Side note the Chili’s in airports do not honor your app rewards. I had to pay full price!

Atlanta to Seattle

The plane I boarded was a Boeing 757-200 and it fits about 174-199 people. I was in the back and the Delta main cabin was a bit tight for room. Seats are comfortable but still if you want more leg room, opt for Delta comfort. That said, the overall experience was decent, the staff were friendly. Snacks were prompt. You can choose between cookies, cheez its, or a yummy granola bar. I chose the granola bar. The drink options are water, coffee, tea, or soda. You get on board entertainment on the monitors located in the headrest in front of you. You can watch movies, play games, or listen to music. 

We finally arrived at Seattle (SEA) airport. We were delayed. I think Delta is always delayed…I had one more leg to go to reach my destination in Spokane (GEG), WA. Normally I wouldn’t choose to do three flights, but again this trip was only $11. So I can’t complain all that much. 

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Seattle to Spokane

From Seattle to Spokane airport was only a 40 minute flight. The plane was super small and I felt extremely cramped. The staff were super funny. I think it was the best seat belt demonstration I’ve ever experienced. The flight attendant made jokes the whole time which made me listen. Maybe there’s something to that?

When I got off the plane after my day long trip, I was pretty over traveling. I retrieved my bags and realized they were soaking wet. Not cool. Must have been the Seattle rainI Side note to the trip. If you sit in an exit row you have more leg room, but the headrest monitor is further away and so is the headphone jack. Make sure you have an extra long headphone cord!  

If money is tight, go for the Delta main cabin. But if you do have some dollars to spend, and need the extra leg room, I recommend Delta comfort. Or if you have tons of cash, go for First Class! It gives you more legroom and earlier boarding. It’s just an overall better experience especially for cross-country flights. 

What has been your experience flying with Delta?