At one point Dallas to Sydney was one of the longest flights on Earth. When Qantas used to use a Boeing 747 for this route, it had to fly to Brisbane instead of Sydney because of the distance. 

Today, if you’re flying from Dallas to Sydney with Qantas, you’ll be on the World’s largest passenger jet, the Airbus A380 which is set to go out of production in 2021.

The extravagance of the A380 is a long way from the Avro 504K biplane that the Queensland And Northern Territory Air Service first used in 1920 Outback Queensland.

The Qantas A380 has four class options when it comes to choosing your level of comfort (and budget of course). I have taken this flight a number of times, most recently last week.


Qantas Economy Class

Economy class takes up the majority of the aircraft, including most of the lower level, as well as a small section at the rear of the upper level of the A380. The seats are larger and much more comfortable than any of the domestic airlines in the US (at least the ones I’ve been on). They include an entertainment system, fold-down table, adjustable headrest and a foot hammock. The seats recline but not a great deal, so you will be sleeping upright, unless you score an empty row on your journey. That said, the foot hammock coupled with the recline does make it more comfortable than most other upright seats I have sat in. With a 16-17 hour flight from Dallas to Sydney, you’ll have no shortage of time for sleep!

In terms of service, I have found that Qantas’ International Economy has changed over the years. On my first flight to the US in 2007, you still got warm hand towels in the morning and an overnight snack pack. These days those warm hand towels are reserved for premium economy and business, but on my most recent flight, I did receive a small vanity pouch including earplugs, toothbrush and paste, and an eye mask.

For food on the flight, you will be served dinner in the first few hours after takeoff. A snack will be served during the night, then breakfast in the last three hours before you land.

Qantas vanity pouch

Premium Economy

Premium Economy seats recline much further than in Economy and also have a footrest. You will have more space to relax and be on the upper deck in the A380. You will also receive a complimentary beverage before take off in Premium Economy.

Business Class

In Business Class you’ll be sitting in what looks like a little grey pod. You will have much more room than either Economy or Premium Economy, and the seats fully recline to almost a full-length bed. The seats also include a massage function. You will receive some added gifts from Qantas in Business Class, including grey PJs, and a vanity bag. You are likely to wake up much more refreshed on the other end. Business Class tickets are fairly pricey on Qantas. The only time I’ve been fortunate enough to enjoy this was when upgrading with Frequent Flyer points.

My one point of frustration with business class seats is that the entertainment system tends to fold out of the center console. If you are like me, you want to kick into the entertainment before take off. Due to safety though, the business class entertainment systems have to remaind folded away in the console until after takeoff. In economy class, they are built into the seat in front of you so you can start watching straight away.

First Class

I’ll let you know about this when I have some more money. Or if Qantas realizes what a great blogger I am and gives me an upgrade. I did try and sneak my head around the corner while disembarking recently. From what I can tell it looks really comfortable, you have more privacy, and you get some pretty fancy food.

Watch this space.

Have you flown on the A380 with Qantas? What was your experience?