We were 40,000 feet in the air somewhere over the Pacific Ocean. Next to me was another Aussie guy. He was travelling to Florida with his family. This was going to be his first time in the states so he had plenty of questions! Everything from what it’s like driving on the opposite side of the road to places to eat in Orlando. This was not the first time I had a conversation like this.

Then It Dawned On Me…

I really enjoy helping people get connected with travel tips and advice. As a teenager, I started to write a book about a bus tour we went on around Australia. In my twenties, I attempted to make some pretty low-grade YouTube videos about places I visited. Neither the book or the videos got very far, but I really enjoyed it! This conversation on the plane had reignited that passion. A thought brewed in the back of my mind, “I’ve travelled pretty decent chunks of the US and Australia.  I should start a travel blog.”

“I’ve travelled pretty decent chunks of the US and Australia.  I should start a travel blog.”

That was over a year and a half ago when my wife and I were journeying back to the US from our honeymoon in Australia. I married a beautiful American woman named Danielle in 2017 – this is us…

Luke And Danielle from PacificTrek

So What’s Special About PacificTrek?

So what makes PacificTrek any different to the millions of other travel blogs out there? Being an Aussie-American couple we will be sharing a lot of tips specifically for Aussies travelling to the USA and Americans travelling to Australia as well as other great destinations around the world. More than that PacificTrek is not just about sharing our trips, but also about you sharing yours! PacificTrek is more than a blog, it is a community of people who are travelling the world and living life to the full.

If you have a trip that you’ve been on or some tips to share, then we would love to hear from you and potentially even feature it here. If you are just here to get advice, then welcome. We also have a number of Facebook Groups where you can get connected to other travellers, ask questions and share your journey.

Current Facebook Groups

Remember to post any questions you have about an upcoming trip. We’re looking forward to meeting you along the road. Let’s get trekking!

Luke & Danielle