We’re getting a Tesla Model Y – and here’s why it matters to our travel adventures.

When we first moved back to Australia and to the Gold Coast we bought our first car back in Australia, a Honda Jazz. We named it Tex.

Tex has survived us well, but with a growing family it has become difficult to go on decent family road trips. 

Through some decent frustrations with trying to fit a pram and everything else in the back of a small car, we started our search for a bigger car about a year and a half ago. We started looking at used cars but we’re shocked by the price and thought, “Surely a new car isn’t much more expensive.”

We were right, but the downside was the wait times for a new car. But we knew we could be patient so we placed a deposit on a Toyota Rav 4 – new family adventures ahead!

Fast forward 6 months and there was no news on us being any closer to having our vehicle, and the price had gone up massively. We cancelled our order.

We kept looking around but nothing was all that affordable. Then I found out my work was giving me a vehicle allowance! 

We started to search again, for similar cars to the Rav 4 but nothing really made sense on the lease. We looked at the Nissan X Trail, the Mitsubishi Outlander, the Honda CRV and many others. But none of these really worked out financially, even with the vehicle allowance, because of a government charge in Australia called a Fringe Benefit Tax (FBT).

Then, one of the lease companies suggested I look at a Tesla. I said, “Noway, there’s no possibility I could ever afford a Tesla. But go on, show me the numbers.”

Amazingly, due to the Australian Governments tax incentives for EVs on a novated lease, it actually worked out very possible! EV’s are completely FBT exempt! I’m no tax expert but from what I understand, it basically means that everything you pay toward the vehicle is all pre tax.

Needless to say I went ahead and ordered the Tesla and here we are waiting excitedly for our Model Y. The order process was different to most other vehicles, so I will go more into that in another post.

With a larger vehicle, and lower cost of travel we are excited to start doing some road trips and exploring more of Australia on the weekends. So stay tuned for a Tesla Travel Adventure coming your way soon.

If you use our referral link to book a test drive or to order, you could save some money off your order and receive some added incentives, like 3 months of Enhanced Autopilot. I also receive credits if you order via this link. 

Are you looking at ordering a Tesla? Let us know in the comments below.