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How To See Whales on the Gold Coast

Whales, especially Humpback Whales, typically can be seen migrating past the Gold Coast from June through until October each year as they migrate North for breeding then back South again. There are a number of ways you can see whales from the Gold Coast. From the...

These Are Our Top 10 Travel Posts from 2021

2021 was another year of disruptions to travel plans, but that didn't stop people from seeking travel information. Here are our top 10 travel blog posts from the past year. 10. What to See & Do in Chattanooga, Tennessee Chattanooga Bridge We love visiting...

What it’s like flying to Cairns from Brisbane with Qantas

We had originally planned to fly to Cairns with Qantas in August 2021 but had to delay our travel plans due to a Covid lockdown. Thankfully Qantas and Flight Centre made it pretty easy to reschedule. Brisbane Airport Accommodation Our flight was early out of Brisbane...

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