The Great Ocean Road is not only a destination for tourists wanting to see some of Victoria’s incredible coast line. It’s also the World’s largest war memorial.

The road was constructed by soldiers who returned from WWI from 1919 to 1932.

The dedicated the road to their friends who never came home from the war.

On my wife’s first visit to Australia (she’s American) we naturally had to take her on a trip down the Great Ocean Road to show her the sights!

The Great Ocean Road Sign

On a cold, rainy day in April, we piled into a car and headed off from Melbourne. We had a pit stop in Torquay for a coffee and to have a look in the information centre. We stopped for the obligatory photo in front of the Great Ocean Road sign, then we were off! 

The beach on the way to the Great Ocean Road

At every turn there is a spectacular view to behold. Great cliffs dropping away to beautiful blue water… and let’s not forget the house on a pole!

A Detour Of The Koala Kind

Danielle was very keen to see as many Aussie animals in the wild while in Australia – especially koalas. As we drove through the Great Otway National Park we took a couple of detours in the hope of stumbling across these world renowned cuddly creatures. 

Maits Rest Rainforest Walk

First we stopped at Maits Rest for the Rainforest Walk. It was beautifully green with massive trees and ferns – a spectacular temperate Rainforest – but still no koalas to be seen.

A little further down the road, we took a slight detour at Horden Vale and ventured down to Aire River East Camping area. After a few minutes walking along the road we hit the jackpot – little clumps Of Koalas hanging in the trees.

Danielle was thrilled! I must admit, it was also the most Koalas I had ever seen in one location. Very cool indeed. We took some photos and were back on our way.

The Twelve Apostles

The Twelve Apostles Sign

Toward sunset (though the sun was hidden behind clouds) we finally arrived at the pinnacle of the Great Ocean Road – The Twelve Apostles. These incredible cliff formations stand out in the ocean as a testament to the power of the waves that have eroded the shore over time.

Danielle at the 12 Apostles

The area at the 12 Apostles is very high traffic, so expect a lot of other tourists. If you have more time for this trip, it is worth staying over night. Check out the Warrnambool area before the trip back to Melbourne. We only had one day, so it was back to the city for us.

The Twelve Apostles on the Great Ocean Road

A quick stop for a chicken Parma at a pub on the way and we were back in Melbourne before it was too late. That’s how you do the Great Ocean Road in one day!