We recently went on a five week trip to the USA. We got our Model Y in 2023 and hadn’t really left it unplugged for an extended period before. I had read mixed stories about how this had worked for others. The general recommendation is to leave it plugged in but our apartment building doesn’t allow for charging so we have to use public chargers.

Most people said it should be fine for up to three months as long as you turn off sentry mode and don’t leave it in a hot place where the cabin overhear protection will be activated. I was still a bit nervous as it appears there are some serious ramifications of letting the battery run to 0 and leaving it there for a while.

The afternoon we left, I charged to 100% and drove home. Our Tesla Model Y generally shows 435km range on a full charge but from memory after driving home from the charger it was at around 433km (still showing 100% though). I ensured Sentry Mode was not activated.

I only checked on the car about 5 times while via the app while we were travelling as I was told this can use up a fair bit of battery.

So what was the result after travelling for 37 days?

The battery was down to 94%, showing a range of 408km.

Tesla Model Y battery percentage after 1 month idle

I was pretty impressed and am confident I could probably leave the vehicle for longer if I needed to.

What’s been your experience of leaving your EV while travelling? Let us know in the comments below.

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