What better location then to start in my hometown. I grew up here. There might not be a ton to do in Glenrowan but it is worth the stop over for an hour or two, if you’re on your way to somewhere else. Located just off the Hume Hwy, just over 2.5 hours North East of Melbourne makes Glenrowan a good rest stop.

Ned Kelly

You can’t visit Glenrowan without knowing who Ned Kelly was. He was a notorious bushranger (aka outlaw) who finally had a run in with the law (Victorian Police) right here in Glenrowan. Kelly and his gang had planned to hold up a train in Glenrowan and held the townspeople captive in the hotel. One of the hostages escaped and warned the train. A shoot out ensued and old Ned was captured and later hung in what’s known today as Old Melbourne Gaol.

Ned Kelly’s life has been immortalized through film including the first full length narrative feature film in 1906, a 1970 film featuring Mick Jagger as Ned Kelly and more recently in 2003 starring Heath Ledger and Orlando Bloom.

You can’t miss the mark that Ned Kelly left on Glenrowan. There is a giant statue of him on the main road as you enter from Melbourne. Photo op!

There is an interactive experience called The Last Stand which was pretty state of the art when it was first launched – although probably a bit dated these days. All the same, it’s not a bad way to get a good snapshot of Ned Kelly’s life. It’s not only a tourist experience but the owner also lives there.

Kelly gange memorial stones

Around town you’ll find memorial stones that describe places of interest, like where Ned Kelly was captured. At the old train station, you can see life-size artistic wood carvings of the Kelly Gang. But trains don’t stop there anymore. Back down the main street, you can pick up a souvenir or two at the Glenrowan Cobb & Co Museum in the Main Street.

Mount Glenrowan and the Warby Ranges

Once you’ve had a look around town, head to Tamnick Gap, about 8km to the North. From there you will be able to hike through the Warby Ranges to the top of Mount Glenrowan.

You’ll have a great view of Glenrowan and the surrounding area. You will also see why this was a favorite lookout for Bushrangers to see trains coming from Melbourne.


After a long day, what better way to wind down than with a glass of locally made wine? A short drive down the hill from Tamnick Gap, you’ll find two wineries. Baileys Winery and Auldstone Cellars where you can do wine tasting and pick up some bottles before heading on to the next part of your adventure.

There is plenty more to see and do in Victoria’s North East. We’ll have more travel tips on those shortly so make sure you subscribe and watch this space.