We are moving back to Australia next month, and there is so much I am going to miss about America: the people, the larger than life culture and these 5 things…

5. Publix Super Markets

Now, Publix is not everywhere in the US, but it was in the south east where I was located. It is a great local supermarket chain. Where I live you can find one every couple of miles, and it has very short lines which is a big win over Walmart.

Publix Supermarket
Pumpkins in Publix

Publix has great old-fashioned service including people to bag your groceries, and even take them to your car for you. People are always friendly, willing to help and knowledgeable about products. I love going on the weekends when you can get free samples. Not just any free samples but really deliciously prepared food. 

Publix is pricier than most supermarkets but if you use coupons or hunt for the buy one get ones, then it’s a win. Personally I love the buy one get ones on ice cream, which they have just about every week.  There’s also a pharmacy in the supermarket just like Walmart which is super convenient. 

4. Cheap Ice Cream in America

Yep, if you get the Publix buy one get ones it is extra cheap but even generally, I find the ice cream way cheaper in the US than in Australia. Especially Ben and Jerry’s for instance – I used to buy a small container for $12 in Australia. In America, I can get the same thing for $2.50 on a buy one get one.

3. The Adoration of the Aussie Accent

I have to be honest, back home I’m just another guy, but in the US I’m the Aussie from Down Under. Sure, there are times when people don’t understand you or think you are British but most of the time they love the accent over here. I am going to miss it (I’m pretty sure it’s the reason my American wife married me in the first place).

2. Fall, Thanksgiving and the Holidays

There’s something about celebrating the holidays in the US. Maybe it’s that all of the Christmas carols about snow finally make sense…but then again I do live in Florida which isn’t all that different from the summer Christmas in Australia. Nevertheless, it is so cool to go out and see the lights and decorations, the parades, the ugly sweaters, taste the egg nog and smell the cinnamon! I’m hoping to at least adopt Thanksgiving back at home!

1. Chic-fil-A

Who could forget of course Chick-fil-A. I know, everybody has their own fast food joint that they prefer, but Chick-fil-A is in another league. In my opinion it is hands down the best quick service option in America.


Their exceptional service, the delicious chicken and thirst quenching lemonade is something not to be matched back home. Their waffle fries and special Chic-fil-A sauce is addictive!

I guess one upside is that I will no longer be disappointed when I pull into the drive through on a Sunday.

What do you love about the US that you miss when you aren’t there?