Gladstone is located on the Queensland coast just South of Rockhampton.

This is the second post in our series looking back at the very first travel videos I made as Lukey G’s Travel Adventures. They were amateur and cheesy but hopefully will still give you some handy travel tips. I visited Gladstone in Queensland on a trip to Heron Island about nine years ago.

Mining and Industry

Gladstone is a bustling industry hub boasting one of Australia’s busiest ports there are a lot of industries in Gladstone including the L&P Gas Plant, alumina and aluminium, and coal. There are also other industries like cement. A portion of the local tourism is centred around these industries. The NRG Power Station and the Gladstone Ports Corporation both offer tours of their facilities.

Gladstone Marina

If you want to check out the local Visitor Information Centre it’s located down at the Marina. The Marina Parklands are a beautiful place to relax, enjoy a picnic or BBQ. They also hold events here throughout the year including the annual Harbour Festival. The Gladstone Marina is where you access the ferry to go out Heron Island.

The beach at Tannum Sands

There are plenty of other options for exploring in the region around Gladstone. I went to the beach down at Tannum Sands. There are lots of other things but the mistake that i made is I didn’t have a car while I was there. I recommend having a vehicle because you find that is a necessity to get around beyond the main street.

Downtown Gladstone

The main street in Gladstone Is Goondoon Street. The downtown area is quite deserted considering it is the centre of town. As with many regional towns in Australia, a lot of the shops have moved out of the town centre to the big shopping centres (malls) and that’s where everybody goes. So you’ll notice the traditional centre of Gladstone is fairly quiet.

That said, there are some good places to eat. One of the places that is recommended by locals for a good value and quality meal is the local Yacht Club. It is located at the bottom end of Goondoon Street, towards the Marina.

What is your favourite thing to do when you are visiting the Gladstone region? Let us know in the comments below.