Bunbury in Australia’s South West, is a picturesque port town known for its wild bottlenose dolphins.

It is our next and final stop in our series looking back at some of the very first, very amateur travel videos I ever recorded. Known as Lukey G’s Travel Adventures, I visited a number of different locations. This episode on Bunbury was the last one ever released. 

Bunbury and Surrounds

Bunbury is located a couple of hours drive south of Perth on the West Coast. Bunbury is located in a very unique coastal region surrounded by beautiful water ways. So much so that it is called City of the Three Waters. To the West lies the Indian Ocean which offers some great waves, lined with a gorgeous beach. To the North sit the calm waters of Koombana Bay and Leschenault Inlet. All this water means plenty of water activities. From surfing to fishing, kayaking to snorkelling, there is plenty to keep the adventurer entertained.

To the South of Bunbury, you’ll find Geographe Bay and Busselton with more beautiful beaches and the longest timber piled jetty in the Southern Hemisphere. Geographe Bay takes it’s name from explorer Nocolas Baudin who named the area after is ship in 1801.

Bottlenose Dolphins

The upside of the local waterways is that it has made Bunbury home to a pod of Bottlenose Dolphins.

Bunbury’s Dolphin Discovery Centre sits on the southern edge of Koombana Bay. It offers a place to meet wild dolphins up close. Dolphins will frequently come into the zone in front of the Discovery Centre. However, because they are free dolphins, there is no guarantee you’ll see them. If you want to increase your chance of meeting one of these friendly mammals, you can also take a boat tour our to swim with the dolphins from here. 

Wild flowers of the South West

Back on land, throughout Bunbury and the surrounding area you’ll come across some of Western Australia’s spectacular wildflowers. Manea Park is close to town and filled with more than 30 species of orchids. The South West is a hotspot for wildflowers. Around 80% of these flower species can’t be found anywhere else in the world. It’s the perfect opportunity to take out your camera and grab some instasnaps.

They are some of the things I enjoyed for my afternoon in Bunbury. What is your favourite thing to do when you visit Bunbury in Australia’s South West?