I was still feeling sick this morning when I woke up but we weren’t going to let that stop us from experiencing Florida’s Panhandle.

Relaxing on the Beach

We went down and lay on the beach for a little while. The sand in Florida’s Panhandle is white, soft, fluffy and fine, which makes it perfect for relaxing on. The water was beautiful. It was just a little too cold for us (being from South Florida, we’d gotten used to swimming in warmer water).

Watercolor on 30A

Danielle had been wanting to take me down 30A, a little coastal road in Florida’s Panhandle. It makes its way through a bunch of seaside towns (including Seaside where they filmed the Truman show).

We stopped in at Watercolor. It is a tidy, clean and beautifully crafted beach town (kind of like Celebration by the sea).

Watercolor architecture

We strolled around, looking at the shops, the architecture, wandered through a market and gazed out at the ocean. It is easy to see why they call this place Watercolor. Everywhere you look could be turned into a gorgeous painting. We were getting a little hungry so we went to two of the food trucks they have on the main road to get a hot dog and a cheese toasty. The place selling the toasties was aptly called Meltdown on 30A – definitely worth checking out.

Watercolor Beach

It hit just the right spot. Speaking of spot it was starting to rain so we headed back to the car, but not without passing the public toilets. Watercolor hands down receives the award for best public toilets – beautifully built and super clean. You really should use them sometime!

Escaping The Rain

As the rain came down it was the perfect time to head back to the hotel for an afternoon nap to try and beat this cold.

In the evening we drove up to Crestview to spend time with family. They had our on a farewell dinner for us. 

It was so nice to relax and just spend time with family. Afterward we travelled the hour back to Destin for our last night there.