It’s day 22 on our journey across the US and this is our third full day in Alamogordo, New Mexico.

We had originally planned to visit Roswell today. However, with a long day of driving tomorrow and precious time with family we shifted gears.

After visiting Cloudcroft in the mountains yesterday, we decided to go for a hike near there. 

Hiking The Osha Trail

We drove up the mountain and started out on the Osha Trail. The trail is a pretty easy hike which goes for about 3 miles. It was made difficult by the snow and ice on the path.

Hiking the Osha Trail near Cloudcroft
Hiking the Osha Trail

Quite a slippery trek for even experienced hikers. I reckon it is definitely worth taking some crampons if you are in this neck of the woods from mid November through March. You’ll also get plenty of mud on your shoes along the way!

The Sign for the Osha Trail near Cloudcroft
The Sign for the Osha Trail

All that aside, it was a beautiful day just walking in the forest.

Danielle on the Osha Trail
Danielle on the Osha Trail

Cloudcroft Brewing Company

After we worked up an appetite hiking we went into Cloudcroft in search of food. Though I was happily prepared to go back to Mad Jack’s for some more barbecue, we decided to change it up and get some pizza at Cloudcroft Brewing Company. It was just what we needed to replace those lost carbs.

Pizza at the Cloudcroft Brewing Company
Pizza at the Cloudcroft Brewing Company

Danielle washed her pizza down with a sample selection of the breweries beer, including a peanut butter variety. There’s also a giant mural to see in the rear dining room. So make sue you check that out if you are ever passing through.

After lunch we went for a walk through downtown Cloudcroft. It has the feel of one of those Western mountain towns. We stopped in to a couple of shops along the way, especially one to get some pie!

Downtown Cloudcroft
Downtown Cloudcroft

When we got back to the house we spent some time consolidating our bags. This would be our last stop with family before our flight to Australia and the last place to gift any belongings.

Dinner at Chili’s

For our final night with family we headed out to the all American Chili’s. Danielle isn’t a fan of chains but Alamogordo doesn’t have much to offer when it comes to evening dining locations. That said, I am always a fan of the Chilis $10 meal deal and free corn chips and salsa (because I’m signed up for their newsletter). If you aren’t familiar with Chili’s, they are a chain restaurant that you will find most decent sized towns across the US. 

The edge of Alamogordo at night
The edge of Alamogordo at night

After dinner we headed back to the house to round off the night with the epic board game, “Ticket To Ride.” It wouldn’t fit in my bag so we would be leaving it with family. Naturally we had to play a farewell game. Ticket to ride is a strategy game where you complete to build rail lines across America. It’s definitely a fun game if you are looking at traveling to the US. Unfortunately it wasn’t my night and I lost miserably. One game turned into two, and it was quickly 1am.

We had planned to get up and on the road the next day at 4am. Instead of going to sleep, we packed the car, said our farewells and got on the road again, from New Mexico to Nevada.