We woke up early in Chattanooga and got on the road. We were catching up with friends for breakfast at Cracker Barrel in Knoxville, Tennessee

A Cracker Barrel Breakfast in Knoxville

Cracker Barrel is a Southern iconic restaurant which you will find close to the freeway in most reasonably large towns. It specializes in good ol’ country style food, especially breakfast. I always get Danielle to order for me as she used to work at a Cracker Barrel and knows just what to get.

Cracker Barrel Breakfast
A Cracker Barrel Breakfast

Typically she orders the Grandma’s Breakfast which inxludes 2 pancakes, 2 eggs, hash brown casserole or fried apples. It comes with three pieces of meat of your choice. We get all bacon. She normally substitutes the pancakes for French toast but this time we got blueberry pancakes. They also bring out a bowl of biscuits – these are American biscuits, which is more like a scone. So there is plenty to eat.

We got specialty hot chocolates to wash it all down. I love the little bottles of syrup that Cracker Barrel serves with your breakfast. It is really too much food but remember, if you don’t eat it all you can ask for it to go.

Cracker Barrel also includes an eclectic store which have lots of great gift ideas, especially around Christmas time.

After eating our fill and spending some great time catching up with old friends, it was time to head back to Chattanooga.

The Hot Chocolatier in Chattanooga

Our next stop was the Hot Chocolatier in Chattanooga. This place is a tradition for us whenever we are in town. Danielle got the white hot chocolate with a giant marshmallow.

The Hot Chocolatier in Chattanooga
The Hot Chocolatier in Chattanooga

I went for the European thick hot chocolate which is delicious, although not as thick as the thick hot chocolate you’ll find at Max Brennar in Australia. 

The Hot Chocolatier is just across the road from the iconic Chattanooga Choo Choo. It may not be the thriving train station it used to be. instead, it Is now a bustling hotel and hub of activity, especially during the holiday season.

Chattanooga Choo Choo Christmas Tree
Chattanooga Choo Choo Christmas Tree

You’ll find a massive Christmas tree inside, Santa taking photos with kids, an ice skating rink out the back and a great photo opportunity with the steam engine. There are more and more shops opening up every time we visit the Choo Choo.

Frozen 2 At The Cinema

From downtown, it was off to the movie theatre to watch Frozen 2 with our cousins. Thanksgiving weekend is a big time for movies in the US. Some of the things you will find different about the theaters here is that you can put as much butter as you like on your popcorn! AMC is a large theatre chain but their cinemas are often pretty run down. Regal is a smaller chain but their theaters are very comfortable, often with reclining seats at no extra cost. Both theater chains offer a subscription so you can see as many movies as you like for one flat fee.

After the movie, we went back to Aunt Meg’s in Ringgold Georgia for some Dominican food – feasting again. We had rice and beans, with chicken and avocado for dinner. 

With our tummies full, it was time to bid farewell to our Aunts, Uncles and cousins. We were going to be on the road again tomorrow, to New Orleans.

What’s your favorite thing to do in Chattanooga during the holidays?