I had never seen the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade on TV before so we started the day watching it on TV.

We then headed over to Aunt Silvia and Uncle Walter’s house for Thanksgiving with the whole family.

If you haven’t experienced an American Thanksgiving before, then you really must.

I don’t mean celebrating it in a restaurant either. You need to get invited to a good old fashioned family Thanksgiving. 

Typically it will start with watching the football around midday. That’s when the snacks start. Usually someone has made some delicious homemade dip to go with crackers or vegetables.

The Main Course

Then comes the main course. Usually some form of Turkey – for us this year there was a choice of smoked or baked Turkey but in the past we have also had deep fried.

Then there are all the trimmings. Too many to name here. Some of my favorites are the stuffing, mashed potatoes and deviled eggs. There is also sweet potato pie, but I consider it a dessert so I’ll come back for that later. This gives me more space on my plate now.  That’s the other cool thing about Thanksgiving, it’s buffet style so you can keep coming back all afternoon. 

Thanksgiving Dessert

Dessert usually comes a while after dinner. You’ve eaten way too much and need a little break, or at least that’s true for me. Dessert this year was Apple Pie, Pecan Pie and that Sweet Potato Pie we saw earlier. Of course, all topped off with some ice cream. 

Thanksgiving dessert
Thanksgiving Dessert

Throughout the afternoon will be board games with the cousins, strolling down to sit by the lake, then coming back to eat some more and play more games.

Chattanooga lake house
Chattanooga lake house

I also love to catch up with everyone and hear what’s been happening for them in the past year. This includes chatting about what they are thankful for. And then of course, there is time for family photos…as well as the silly ones…

Silly Thanksgiving Photos
Silly Thanksgiving Photos

Oh and then there was that chocolate cake that Aunt Sylvia brought out as everyone was leaving, so naturally we had to try a slice of that too.

Early Black Friday Deals

Once we were full and all gamed out it was time to head on down to Best Buy for the Black Friday specials. We got a new MacBook Pro reduced by $300 so we can keep bringing you more great posts like this.

We don’t usually take part in Black Friday as I don’t find it an overly pleasant experience. I also feel bad for the people who have to work on Thanksgiving. That said, sometimes you can get a great deal.

What’s your favorite Thanksgiving food?