After a late night of driving it took us a while to get moving this morning. We drove to downtown Chattanooga to run some errands ahead of Thanksgiving.

We went into Wholefoods, which if you are just visiting the US, is store you really should visit. It’s filled with delicious foods but is pretty pricey. We lashed out and bought two pies there for Thanksgiving – apple and pecan pies (it’s too hard to bake when you are traveling).

Inside Wholefoods
Inside Wholefoods.

We had lunch with family just over the border in Ringgold, Georgia – homemade BBQ which was delicious. Then we headed out to our Aunt and Uncles lakehouse where we would be having Thanksgiving the next day. It was a spectacularly beautiful place!

We had dinner back in Ringgold then headed to bed because the next day would be filled with festivities and food!