This month marks Four Year’s since Danielle and I left our apartment in Jensen Beach, Florida and began our journey to move half way around the world to Australia, and now we are heading back ti the USA.

When we moved to Australia in 2019, we had planned to go back and visit friends and family in 1-2 years, but some global event seemed to mess with a bunch of peoples plans, including ours. We are excited to be heading back to the US, including visiting a state I’ve never been to before.

Our journey will take us on nine flights, involving three countries, 11 US states, and passing through or over 10 different timezones, and this time we will be going with a one year old! We will be passing from the heat of the Australian Summer into the depths of a Michigan Winter and back again. 

This is a special trip, as we won’t only be taking our son Gideon, but after nearly 7 years of marriage, I have never seen where Danielle grew up. She will be taking us back to some of her old stomping grounds and sharing her childhood memories.

As with our last trip across the USA, we will be sharing our journey and some valuable travel tips here eventually. You can also follow our adventures on Instagram – so make sure you follow us at @PacificTrekTravel and join in the adventure.

Are you heading on a trip to the USA any time soon? Let us know in the comments below…