So basically, my husband wants me to blog about places I’ve been, experiences I’ve had, and yadda yadda…You get the point. Well, turns out, I’m in a writing mood and just might check Greenville off the list and you after reading this, you may want to too. So here we go “A PERFECT day in Greenville from a Used-to-be Local” (These are the things I like doing so if you don’t like them…I don’t care-but give ‘em a try;) )

Swamp Rabbit Trail

So If I had no work or responsibilities on a Saturday morning, I would wake up extra early…like 6 am (yeah I know maybe not the best start with some of you reading this…but hold on…let me take you on my journey) and put on my ladies active wear-aka fat pants and a t-shirt. Maybe a hat for good measure…Greenville is a “Hipster” city anyways.

I would drive downtown to Swamp Rabbit trail and get on their really cushy, made-for-runners running path and go for a mile run…maybe two ya know since I want people to see my hat. The Swamp Rabbit trail is a Mecca for the cyclist and wanna-be runner. Swamp Rabbit is a 22-mile multi-use greenway system…whatever that is. Let’s just say a 22-mile trail. So if you only ever bike, run, or walk two miles, then you have heaps of time to explore the terrain. Here’s the link to the Swamp’s kind of fun to say too. Swamp Rabbit. 

Getting Around Greenville

 I would then park at this parking garage OR take the free trolley (I’ve never ridden the trolley but thought I’d plug it in since I’ve lived in Greenville for 5 years and never rode it once. Feeling FOMO at the moment). The ONE City Plaza Garage 34 Richardson Street is the parking garage I always parked at. I don’t know why, but main street parking was always a pain to try to wiggle in a park. First hour is free and fun fact; there are 475 spaces…like you care to know that…but I thought to add it in just in case you ever play Greenville Parking Garage Trivia. 😉

Tupelo Honey

It’s about 9-ish am and I’m famished after all that running, walking, and parking. I need a bite to eat…and something carb-o-licious. Tupelo Honey is where it’s at for good ‘ole South Carolina Breakfast. Just thinking about it makes me yearn for a biscuit and honey. The Fried Chicken and Biscuits are a must try! And their goat cheese grits are sooooo good. But don’t take my word for it feel free to drool over this tantalizing menu! 

Coffee Underground

So I’m trying to be thrifty, cause after all, I was a poor college gal while living in Greenville, I got some agua to go with my breakfast, but really I just wanted to save my money to get a coffee from Coffee Underground. What can I say about Coffee Underground…well it’s an eclectic, artsy, coffee shop…underground. Pretty cool eh? Whenever I wanted to get off campus or hang out for hours on end with friends without feeling like spending over 5 bucks, I went there.

Their coffees were amazing PLUS they had great food. And if you’re ever there on Mondays they have open mic night in their underground theater. You can check out local improv groups, poetry slams, and stand up from local talent. I went to one, it was pretty cool. Definitely a back dark side room with folding chairs. But hey, you can cheer on your friend who’s trying stand-up comedy for the third time, right? Maybe? Maybe not…

Reedy River Falls Park

Well now that I have sufficiently stuffed my face and drank my weight in coffee, feeling a bit tired…yeah I know…coffee doesn’t do anything for me anymore. I could straight chug a gallon before bed and still say night-night at 9:30pm…it’s a gift really. Or Superpower. You decide. So my perfect day HAS to include the Reedy River Falls Park…or if you’re “used-to-be local” like me then you just say Falls Park. Reedy River Falls Park is just too lengthy and you’d stick out like a tourist from Michigan if you say that. Not hating on Michigan…just the first state to pop in my mind.

Ahhhh relaxation. I LOVED coming here and just laying out on the grass with the wind blowing and people-watching. It was a perfect spot to lie down after a big breakfast. Now the park has an awesome bridge! The Liberty Bridge is a 4.5 million dollar structure that is breathtaking. It’s held up by a single suspension cable…talk about wobbly walking. It overlooks the park and the reedy river. It’s absolutely stunning.

Reedy River Falls
Some random couple in Reedy River Falls Park

Side-note romancers out there-take your lady or fella over this bridge at night, just don’t wear heels…men cause the suspension bridge does move. Fellas, you are guaranteed a hand-hold since this bridge requires stairs, rocks, and other fierce (not really fierce) obstacles. And ladies if you want a hand hold and your man is giving up those digits, then go here!

A Night Out In Greenville SC

So after my snooze, I’m going to rush home to get ready for a night on the town! I’d put on my fancy dress, you know the one I got for 10 dollars at express. That one. And yes I will tell everyone I got it for 10 dollars…cause I’m a female…and that’s what we do. My night would consist of blaring some type of pro-feminine dance music while painting my face (not really painting, it’s just an expression us millenial folk still use) to hype me up for the epicness that awaits. Mind you I am not a late-nighter so this starts around 4 pm. Haha 


So I start the evening with my absolute favorite restaurant in Greenville, Roost. This place is ideal for roaming around downtown without too much of a walk in heels. I love their shrimp and grits. Probably the best I’ve had…and trust me, I’ve tried some places. Roost offers a southern menu with lovely cocktails.

Theatre at the Peace Center

After eating I quickly run off to (not run more like fast walk) the Peace Center where some awesome touring Broadway shows are playing. If you like theatre and like a nice venue-go here! It is wonderful. I’ve seen the Nutcracker and Phantom of the Opera here. If I wasn’t ballin’ on a budget, I would’ve gone to more…

The Peace Center

Greenville Clubs and Nightlife

Well it’s still early and I don’t feel like snoozing just yet…So after the show, I would make a call to my gal pals and hit the town. A few spots I liked to go to were SIP and VINE. SIP, Whiskey and Wine is a chill rooftop lounge. If you want to grab a drink and take in the gorgeous downtown night view, I’d suggest this place. Also, they have non-alcoholic drinks, so really if you want a good view and good company go here. 

Now, I wouldn’t say I’m much of a “Clubber” but, I do like to get my dance on…and for not too long because, like I said I’m early snoozer…anything past 11, and my glass slippers start turning into the cheap walmart special. (no offense to Walmart, but I have gotten some good deals on shoes here…) Not sure if it’s still cool or completely lame, but VINE nightclub was always a good place to get in an hour of dancing. Anything more than that, then your face is melted and start smelling like you did after your two-hour run that morning. 

After that, it’s well past 11:00pm and I am officially wiped…So there you have it…A Perfect Day in Greenville from a Used-to-be Local.