So I have a few questions about Melbourne! I have read your ideas over and over and will probably be doing most of them! So, now I finally have some questions.

First, can you send a link to where I can find tickets for the Australian football game?

You should be able to buy tickets at but I just tried to access it on my iPad and it wouldn’t let me…you may also be able to get them through Ticketek’s website.

The MCG just before an Australian Rules Football match - The AFL.

Second, we’re thinking about renting a car. we’re planning two-day trips. one to Phillip Island and one to the 12 Apostles (driving on the great ocean road). So we’ll probably rent the car for just 3 days. any recommendations?

They have similar companies to the ones in the USA, just remember you would be driving on the opposite side of the road, and no left (right) turns on a red Signal). Also, road rules are much stricter in Australia in the US, the speed limit there actually is the limit, so don’t go over it. They have cameras on all the freeways, you may not get pulled over but you’ll get big fines from the rental car company. I’ve only ever rented a car in Australia for work, but I hear the cheapest option is Rent A Bomb. You get an older car but it’s much cheaper.

If you do get a car, I would recommend also going to the Dandenongs as it is beautiful out there (a bit like the mountain in Chattanooga), you could start the day climbing the 1000 steps, get a view of Melbourne and have lunch at sky high, and check out some of the beautiful gardens and shops around Sassafras or Olinda.

Can you see the penguins on Phillip Island without paying for a tour experience?

As far as the penguins go, I have been to the experience, and it’s cool but it’s at night, so unless you were planning a night down there, I wouldn’t recommend it, I mean you are more likely to see a penguin, but it’s a lot to pay when you might find one for free in the breakwater in St Kilda. Learn more about the St Kilda Penguins. 

Is the Maru Koala and Animal park the best way to see Koalas up close?

A Koala taking a snooze at Healesville Wildlife Sanctuary near Melbourne.

I would go to Healesville Sanctuary which might be a better option than Maru to see Koalas as it has a broader range of animals. I have never been to Maru though. Of course, if you are heading down the Great Ocean Road, there is a great location where you can see Koalas in the wild – but we’ll save that for another post!

Do you know of any cheaper way to ride a hot air balloon? Everything we are seeing online is pretty expensive.

Hot air balloons are really expensive, I’ve not done it yet, but hope to save up enough someday! I looked on where you can get some great experience vouchers, but the ballooning is a long way from my budget. You can get a return trip to LA for the price of a balloon ride for 2!