San Francisco is a buzzing city and in my book a big winner over Los Angeles any day! It’s got the Bay, the Bridge and an abundance of other things you can do. Here are 7 we thought were worth pointing out.

And none of them involve wearing flowers in your hair…unless you want to.

Visit Pier 39

You’ve just arrived in San Francisco and you’re starving, so what do you do? Head on down to Pier 39! You’ll find great food, shopping and attractions to keep you busy. If you are into seafood, then you’ll want to try the clam chowder. If you are more of a sweet tooth like me, then you’ll be more at home at Dreyers’ Grand Ice Cream Shop. I’d also recommend grabbing some taffy at the Candy Baron. They also have a cookie dough shop where they sell it like ice cream – but it’s pretty intense.

Aside from food, you’ll not only find an Aquarium and street performers but nearby you’ll find seals lazing around.

Drive over The Golden Gate And Visit The Redwoods

The first time we visited San Francisco, we took a bus tour across the Golden Gate Bridge, heading North to the Redwood Forest. It was incredible to stroll the tallest trees on Earth – and a peaceful change from downtown San Francisco. If you are a fan of the new Planet of The Apes Trilogy, then you’ll also recognize this area. I didn’t see any apes the last time I was there through.

Get Locked Up In Alcatraz

Inside Alcatraz's cell block.

From Pier 33, you can catch the Ferry across to Alcatraz, probably America’s most famous prison. Once housing some of the countries most notorious criminals including Al Capone. Once on the island, you’ll be able to get a headset to guide you around the points of interest at the prison. I was actually surprised by how small the main cell block was. Having seen the movie The Rock, I expected it to be much bigger. What this tiny island lacks in size, it makes up for in history.

Ride a Cable Car

A true icon of San Francisco, the cable cars are a historic but still convenient way to get around the city’s steep streets. Powered by a cable system that runs underneath the road. The operator pulls levers to engage and release the cable as needed. You’ll see some incredible views as you ride up and down the San Francisco streets. Keep an eye out for the Full House house – although they all seem to have that resemblance.

Walk down (or up) the famous Lombard Street

Not too far from a cable car stop, you’ll find the famous Lombard Street. Claimed to be the most crooked street in the world, it has 8 hairpin turns. It gets its fame from appearing in a number of movie car chases (Herbie and Bullitt) over the years.

Get A Birds Eye View Of The City And Bay From Coit Tower

San Francisco's Coit Tower with Alcatraz in the background.

If you want a great view of the Bay, then you really have to go to Coit Tower. You can’t really miss it. It is the tall white tower that sticks out amid the city skyline. Built in 1933, the tower was funded by the bequest of Lillie Hitchcock Coyt. Inside you will find a range of murals and can pay a small elevator fee to get to the top and take in the breathtaking 360-degree view of the Bay area.

Eat Cheesecake Overlooking the City

After a busy day of touring the city, you’ll want a place to relax and eat. While the Cheesecake Factory is a chain, the one in San Francisco is unique in that it sits on the 8th floor of the Macy’s building right above Union Square. They don’t only serve cheesecake but a range of meals and appetizers too. Not a bad place to wind down and enjoy the view.

This just scratches the surface of San Francisco – what do you recommend doing?